Ripley Hayes

Lover of mystery and incurable romantic

Author of the DI Daniel Owen series set in Wales



December 10, 2020

Daniel Owen told everyone that he joined the Police because the guy on the recruitment stall was cute. Fifteen years later, he's a detective and still acting on impulse.


Called to the ‘wrong’ end of Wales to investigate the murder of his Chief Constable’s cousin, he follows his instincts to a village full of secrets and lies. Except it’s not his patch, the place gives him the creeps and the hostile DCI in charge is hiding something. He’s also the best looking man Daniel has seen in years.


Then the prime suspect turns up dead and someone tries to kill Daniel.


Doing his own thing doesn’t seem like such a good idea any more.


Unndermined is the first book in a series featuring Daniel Owen, currently a Detective Inspector in the fictional Clwyd Police in north Wales.



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Subscribers to my newsletter will get extras and out-takes from Daniel and Maldwyn. The first tells the full story of Ethan Maddocks from Maldwyn’s point of view.


Dark Water

 January 2021

It’s raining in Melin Tywyll. It seems to have been raining for years and there’s no prospect of it stopping anytime soon.

Daniel has been dumped by Maldwyn Kent and he isn’t happy about it. But his promotion is finally happening...until Glamorgan Police need somewhere to transfer their least popular DCI. 

Mal starts work as Daniel’s boss. A non-binary teenager finds a body in a wheelie bin on their way to school. Children are missing and no one seems to have noticed. The peaceful town has acquired a drugs problem, a flasher, and a bunch of fed up farmers whose brand new machines are disappearing.

Just as it seems things can’t get worse for Daniel, another body turns up, and Mal seems to want Daniel back in his bed.

And the rain keeps falling.

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