What a week...

Undermined was published this week, and it seems that a lot of people liked it. Enough to put it in Amazon’s top ten Lesbian and Gay Mystery books. Enough to get a great review on the Gay Mystery Podcast ( So that has been exciting, very exciting. People I‘ve never met say that they like Daniel and Maldwyn and want to know what happens next. I’ve been bouncing round the house like one of the dogs on the beach. I do know what happens next to Daniel, but I still have to finish writing it down. Dark Water (#2 in the series) takes place in a very wet Welsh autumn. To be fair, autumn in Wales is usually very wet, and floods are all too common. I wanted to write about watching the water rising up the riverbanks, and driving through endless puddles.

it’s grey and gloomy, but it can also be very beautiful. The picture is from my bedroom window at the cabin-in-the-woods.

I’ve been reading On The Red Hill by Mike Parker. Among other things, the book is about being gay in rural Wales. It’s also about the landscapes and seasons. Here’s a link:

By way of a total contrast, I’ve also read Gregory Ashe’s second instalment of The Lion and the Lamb, set in Utah. What the two have in common is the portrayal of landscape as an important part of storytelling.

More next week.

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