Raining in Wales

Today was a beautiful cold and sunny Christmas Eve, but the roads are still flooded from all the rain we’ve had over the last few days. More rain is forecast from December 26th onwards, so that will mean more floods. I’ve been writing about rain too, looking out of the window for inspiration. I started thinking that “it was raining again, so Daniel picked up his coat,” was getting a bit old, so I got out my book of synonyms for some alternatives. There are surprisingly few words for rain in the English language.

At the lighter end of the scale there is mist and drizzle, and at the soggier end, deluge, torrent and downpour, but not much in the middle. My mother had a phrase for that rain that is almost invisible, but gets under the best waterproof coat. She called it “a very wetting rain.”

Rain features in Daniel’s next outing, which I am furiously re-writing after deciding that it wouldn’t do as it was. Some kinds of crime just don’t have a place in fiction, and I’d included the theft of farm machinery. Too dull. It had to go. In real life I’m sure it’s a big deal - researching the prices of tractors and the like makes your head explode. But not for this book. Maybe one day.

Anyway, the book is getting there, and will be out in January. If you would be interested in an Advance Review Copy, please let me know.

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season.

RH x

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