One Week To Go!

Dark Water is released a week today, on 31st January. This is pretty exciting because I never expected to get this far. Undermined did well, with some great reviews, and feedback from other readers and authors. Undermined will be free on 31st January and 1st February, and on FussyLibrarian on 2nd February, because this is a series and I want people to read them all!

Dark Water features the Wales Air Ambulance. If it makes the top ten in any Amazon category (as Undermined did) the Air Ambulance will be getting a donation. If it makes number one the donation will be bigger. And I’ll be reporting back.

Dark Water also features Charlotte Church - there’s a video on You Tube (which I am completely failing to link to) of her singing it at the Brixton Academy. It’s fabulous and very easy to find.

31st January is also the start of the 100 day challenge - a challenge to produce art for each of 100 days. I’ve done this challenge in the past, but with textiles. This time I’m going to do two things. Firstly, produce a map of Melin Tywyll, and secondly make a visual record of the process of writing Book 3 in the Daniel Owen series. The pictures will be on Instagram, where my username is LizRipleyHayes.

Book 3 Is called “Leavings“ and is what happens when the floods recede ... it’s going to be another full length novel, and I’m looking forward to getting started.

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