New books, plus 'outtake' from Too Many Fires

Pre-order is now up for Badly Served, my new book featuring Teema Crowe, investigator and process server. There are more details and links below. The e-book and paperback will be published on 2nd February 2022 (because who can resist 02022022?) Book two in the series--Feeling Badly--will be published

Her job was to look for Harry. The trouble started when she found him.

It looked like a simple task: serve divorce papers on failed businessman Harry Smith, who’s run off to rural north Wales leaving his wife with a baby and a mountain of debt. A welcome distraction from the implosion of her personal life.

But it turns out that Teema Crowe isn’t the only one looking for Harry when she — literally — trips over his body, lying face down in a pool of oil, with a knife in his back.

The police think Teema makes an excellent suspect for the murder. Her employer and her cheating ex-girlfriend know far too much about it but they aren’t telling. There’s an illegal money-lender who wants Teema silenced, and doesn’t mind hurting the people she loves, and a widow who just wants the insurance.

It’s a race against time for Teema to find out who killed Harry, before the police or the murderer find her.

Abergwyn Mysteries

Two more are planned for the spring, featuring Peter and Lorne meeting some miscreants from their separate pasts, and a lot of cake -- most of which is not what it seems. Peter gets the chance to go back to big city life and emergency medicine adrenaline. But will he take it? Lorne's magic gets a boost from an unexpected source. Will it be enough to make Peter stay?

Daniel Owen - a new series

At the end of Too Many Fires, Daniel planned to leave the police. We catch sight of him as a civilian in Badly Served but what is he going to do next? Daniel is struggling with a new identity, and Mal is struggling with managing Melin Tywyll police without Daniel by his side. Find out how they get on in An Allotment of Time, due out in the summer.

Jonathan's story

When I wrote Too Many Fires I included Jonathan's story alongside Daniel's. Then I decided the book should belong to Daniel, so cut Jonathan's story out. Now I'm adding it to the website for anyone who's interested. But remember, Jonathan doesn't have a happy ending. Be prepared with the tissues. I cried buckets.

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