Leavings in Lockdown

Leavings is the title of the third book in the Daniel Owen series. I’ve written from Maldwyn’s point of view, as well as Daniel’s for the first time...some readers complain that they don’t know enough about Mal, so I thought that it was time. I hope you enjoy it. He has his own story in this book, and we find out more about his family.

I’m not able to be at home in Wales at the moment and I’m missing it. I’m staying in a lovely place, but when I’m working on a book, I like to take lots of photographs. I use them to get me into the place I’m writing about, or the weather I’m writing about, or even a car that I’m writing about! So I can sit at my “desk” aka the bed, with my notebooks all around, and scroll through the pictures on my phone. Leavings takes place over a week in the middle of winter. So I really needed pictures of snow and bad weather. I’ve taken some, but I long to be able to get out and about to take some more. My fictional town of Melin Tywyll has elements of several Welsh towns, and I want to photograph them too...moan, moan. But spring is round the corner (in the northern hemisphere anyway), and it’s probably my favourite time of year, simply because it’s furthest away from winter. I hate winter with a passion.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. I have been reading some good books.

Top of the list is the audio book of The Gangster, by CS Poe, narrated by Declan Winters. It’s the second in a series that begins with The Engineer. They are SteamPunk mysteries, so not something I’d have gone for, except that I love the author, so I thought why not? The books themselves are great, the audio adds something special.

I‘ve just finished Gregory Ashe’s latest Borealis instalment. Anarchy is the only word for it. In the best way.

Other authors that I’ve been reading include Austin Thomas Burton, Brad Shreve, and the wonderful Michael Nava.

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