It’s all made up

When I decided to write a crime novel I knew that it would have to be set in Wales. Once that was decided it has been a labour of love looking for locations for scenes, photographing them (on my phone) and then moving them to fit the story. Some of the places I describe might be recognisable to people who’ve seen them, but I’ve taken liberties with geography - a river from one village added to the High Street of another. On the other hand anyone correctly identifying the enchanted wood below will receive a free copy of my next book...just get in touch to claim.

I chose only to identify real places where made-up ones would be silly. So Cardiff is Cardiff, and the Valleys are the Valleys. But there is no village called Cwmcoed, nor a small town in north Wales called Melin Tywyd.

I’ve also made up the police forces. There is no Clwyd Police, nor a Glamorgan Police. Clwyd covers most of north east Wales, and Glamorgan much of south Wales. As there are plot lines with police corruption, I didn’t want anyone thinking I was writing about real officers in real situations. In this is am following in the footsteps of some of my favourite crime writers.

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