Interesting Times

As we start lockdown #3 or whatever number we are on now, pictures from the ”storming” of the US Capitol are all over the internet. I’ve put storming in scare quotes because cynical me wonders how a bunch of armed and dangerous people got into what should have been one of the most heavily guarded sites in the country. It makes me think that featuring corruption in public life in almost every one of my stories may be a reasonable response to what‘s going on in the world. In every public sector job I’ve ever had there was always corruption, usually from a tiny minority of people, and usually not very serious. But sometimes it was endemic and serious, and often motivated by racism.

Novel #2 is now on pre-order, with a release date of January 31st. It’s with beta readers now, and then I will get it back and (hopefully) fill all the holes and make the thing readable. There is corruption, but not as much as I’m planning to put in #3.

The pre-order page on features a list of ‘also-boughts‘. They are a list some of my favourite authors. Could I be getting something right?

Wish me luck.

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