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Why don’t the local police want to find out who dumped the body in the woods? Just how unpopular will DI Daniel Owen be if he investigates the murder himself? Why is DCI Kent always there when Daniel needs rescuing, and why is he so hostile the rest of the time?


The abandoned mine shafts give Daniel the creeps, especially when he finds another dumped body.


No one wants Daniel around. And no one wants DCI Kent around either. Unless the two men work together the murderer will go free.

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It’s not a good Monday for DI Daniel Owen. A body in a wheelie bin. Missing teenagers. His ex turning up as his new boss.

A secretive teenager, a nosy secretary, an idealistic social worker, and a dodgy fruit and veg salesman all have pieces of the jigsaw. If Daniel and Maldwyn can trust each other again, they can put the pieces together. But time is running out, and at least one child’s life is in danger.

It’s been raining for weeks, and the flood waters are rising, threatening to engulf them all.


Setting up a new home with Mal was all fun and flat pack furniture for Daniel. Until Mal disappears on an undercover operation, leaving Daniel on his own to deal with three dead bodies, and trying to help a friend escape an abusive relationship. 

A man is violently assaulted in town and Daniel is warned that if he investigates, he’ll get the same treatment. He knows the three bodies were murder victims, but he can’t prove it. 

Mal is getting more and more secretive. His friend Hector insists that the bruises happened when he ran into a door. Daniel is fighting unseen enemies without any of the information he needs.

And then there’s Mal’s family who want to pretend Daniel doesn’t exist.


An early morning run. An abandoned child. A dead family.


Did John Edwards slaughter his wife and daughters, then kill himself? Why did the little boy survive the massacre? What are the hippies next door hiding?


DI Daniel Owen needs to be on top form for this one, but his last case won’t leave him alone. His boyfriend’s past won’t leave either of them alone. Daniel and Mal need to talk, because not talking will tear them apart.


Then they find the next body.


Daniel Owen is barely holding things together when an old flame crashes into his life, with a dead body and enough emotional baggage to sink a ship. 


Then the fires start.


Who is Jonathan Cole, and why is he living at a run down holiday park? Did he kill the park’s owner? Daniel wants to believe Jonathan is innocent, and Jonathan wants to seduce Daniel. Mal, now Superintendent Kent, wants to come home. His undercover officer has disappeared from the same holiday park, and that can’t be a coincidence, can it? 


No matter where they look, Jonathan’s past is engulfing them all in flames.


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